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Montana (Click Here)Big Sky Country--The Last Best Place
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Glendive, Montana Gallery

glendive 1.jpg

In far eastern Montana, I lived here for 20 years.

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Missoula, Montana Photos


Taken in and around my college town, beautiful Missoula in Western Montana, home of the University of Montana.

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Great Falls, Montana Gallery

lewis clark 3.jpg

Where I first lived in Montana, and graduated from high school there. Still the home of family and friends.

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Montana Places

belt creek 1-jul 94.jpg

Various locales around my amazing state.

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Glacier National Park


In my opinion, the most beautiful place on Earth. These photos do not do it justice.

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Castle Mountains Gallery

lennep 5.jpg

In central Montana, an "island" range. My secret fishin' hole is here.

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Bitterroot Mountains

lake 3.jpg

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Bob Marshall Wilderness

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2007 Trip


Sandwiched around my trip to Southeast Asia, these photos were taken in July and September of 2007 in Western and Central Montana.

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Las Vegas

bellagio 11.jpg

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Random files - U.S. Photos
ghost town 5.jpg
Ghost Town 883 views
glacier 11.jpg
Glacier Mountains 2104 views
bellagio fountain.jpg
Bellagio117 viewsThe famous fountains. They are pretty spectacular.
Raspberry Pickin'54 viewsAll you can pick for $10, near Arlee, with my friend Randy.
Who's dis wittle puppy.jpg
Oh, He's So Cute69 viewsMaggie and Cheryl's little guy, Riley. (correct me if I'm wrong, Maggie.)
Another Dinosaur68 viewsThe dinosaur of which I'm speaking is NOT me.
leaf pattern.jpg
Leaf Pattern68 viewsNot sure where I took this one. Interesting.
chaffin 3.jpg
Chaffin Lake59 viewsChaffin Lake

Last additions - U.S. Photos
Sunset in Arlee176 viewsLooking west, obviously, from Randy's home.Apr 10, 2010
Rattlesnake Mountains176 viewsAnother one from Randy's home in Arlee.Apr 10, 2010
Lake McDonald143 viewsOn the west side of the park, near the entrance. Feb 22, 2009
Red Eagle Mountain127 viewsNear the East entrance of the park.Feb 22, 2009
St. Mary Lake128 viewsIt's hard to take a bad shot here. This is THE iconic photo of Glacier, featured on almost every brochure, web site and elsewhere. Like sentinels, the mountains guarding the south side of the lake (left) are Red Eagle, Mahtotopah, and Little Chief. Wild Goose Island is visible in the middle of the lake.Feb 22, 2009
Waterfall166 viewsOne of the many waterfalls along the Going to the Sun Road.Feb 22, 2009
St. Mary Falls130 viewsA short walk (15-20 minutes) from Going to the Sun Road.Feb 22, 2009
Valley View165 viewsOn the way down from Logan Pass, on the west side of the Divide.Feb 22, 2009