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Photos taken while I was serving in the Peace Corps in 2000 in Benin, West Africa.

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Random files - Peace Corps Benin
Dancing Children.jpg
Dancing Children108 viewsA local dance troupe, actually kids in the care of my post mate at my post in Ouake. They came to my house and put on this wonderful series of dances they had been practicing. Adorable!
pc 17.jpg
Slave Monument61 viewsWall mural on the way to the beach, near where the new hospital was being built.
Sunset97 viewsSunset over Togo from my post in Ouake.
pc 12.jpg
Ouidah Beach84 viewsCan't quite make out everyone here, except Joe in the foreground and Jess snapping a photo.
pc 21.jpg
Cooking107 viewsKatie, Angie, Erin, and an unknown PCV taking a break from the preparation.
pc-cooking 1.jpg
Cooking74 viewsFanning the flames. This is the usual way of cooking in Benin, over a charcoal fire.
ouidah 7.jpg
Slave Monument80 viewsAnother one on the Rue d'Esclaves
Me with family.jpg
Host Family and Me87 viewsSwearing-in day group photo. Amadine, Sidounie, Aymar, me, and Leonard.

Last additions - Peace Corps Benin
Shy Boy 1.jpg
Shy Guy81 viewsNov 23, 2006
pc 5.jpg
Rooftop Party81 viewsA couple of "babes" at the rooftop party at PC Headquarters in Cotonou.Nov 23, 2006
Rooftop Party.jpg
Party83 viewsAt PC Headquarters in Cotonou.Nov 23, 2006
Soccer91 viewsPlaying soccer during a break from classes. Can you spot me?Nov 23, 2006
Sunset Over Cotonou.jpg
Cotonou106 viewsLooking toward the old bridge, evening in Cotonou.May 16, 2004
Grand Popo83 viewsPCVs playing volleyball at Grand Popo Beach.May 16, 2004
Squirt105 viewsMy kitten, Squirt, at post in Ouake. Unfortunately, a bush rat (I think) dragged the poor thing off and killed it.May 16, 2004
pc 21.jpg
Cooking107 viewsKatie, Angie, Erin, and an unknown PCV taking a break from the preparation.May 16, 2004