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Bally's63 viewsAlso part of the entrance
bellagio 11.jpg
Bally's84 viewsThe entrance to Bally's
Bellagio 1.jpg
Bellagio47 viewsWaiting for the fountains to erupt. I stayed here. Beautiful place.
bellagio 2.jpg
Bellagio58 viewsJust outside the lobby.
bellagio 4.jpg
Bellagio62 viewsThe pool area at night from my room.
bellagio 6.jpg
Bellagio65 viewsThe pool area.
bellagio 5.jpg
Bellagio80 viewsNear the pool area. These private villas cost . . . well, too much for me.
bellagio 10.jpg
Bellagio47 viewsThe gardens and pool area of Bellagio.
bellagio 12.jpg
Bellagio52 viewsAnother shot
bellagio 8.jpg
Bellagio55 viewsAnother private "villa" for rent, for hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.
bellagio 7.jpg
Bellagio55 viewsThe pool area during the day, from my room.
bellagio fountain.jpg
Bellagio96 viewsThe famous fountains. They are pretty spectacular.
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