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Balloons142 viewsBalloon vender--they were everywhere
Bonsai 5.jpg
Bonsai136 viewsanother one
Bonsai 8.jpg
Bonsai104 viewsmy favorite
Bonsai 9.jpg
Bonsai105 views
Bonsai 2.jpg
Bonsai Tree157 viewsJust one of many found at a large display area on the festival grounds
Carving Closeup.jpg
Carving107 viewsthe ubiquitous wood face carving, found everywhere in Andong, it seems
Korean Chefs.jpg
Chefs161 viewsThese gals worked in the eel booth.
Clown Face Kid.jpg
Clown Face109 viewshe is watching a girl make pottery at a do-it-yourself area on the grounds
Craftsman at Work.jpg
Craftsman173 viewsThis fellow is engaging in, I think, traditional calligraphy
Dolls156 viewsmore of 'em
Dolls 2.jpg
Dolls103 viewspapier mache
Hand Carved Dolls.jpg
Dolls136 views
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