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156 viewsLocated in the temple near Nai's house. Look at the writing at the bottom of the mural. What does it say at the end?
152 viewsAnother violent scene in the temple near Nai's house.
120 viewsLocated in the temple near Nai's house. Again, look at the writing at the bottom. Australie?
128 viewsLocated in the temple near Nai's house. This one's rather gruesome. One more time, look at the writing. USA? What does it all mean. I'll have to ask when I go back.
Band135 viewsAt the boat race. These folks were just getting started--it got very busy later. Laos dancers use their hands as much as any other part of their body.
Beer Lao150 viewsNai has a few in a restaurant in Vang Vieng. Careful. Noh is to the left.
Blood Soup167 viewsCow blood, that is, plus veggies.
Boat160 viewsOne of the many colorful boat crews at the race. These guys finished in 3rd or 4th.
Boat Race118 viewsA small part of the large crowd gathered to watch the races. This is a view of the Sithanthai encampment.
Boat Race151 viewsA view of the far bank of the river, where fans of some of the boats were camped out.
Boats119 viewsA couple of more colorful boats. The foreground boat is the eventual champion Sithanthai crew, resplendent in their green shirts.
Dinner Guests148 viewsNai, Noh, Suwon and I joined some friends for dinner. Noh and Suwon are the two ladies to the far right. Dinner was fish, rice, papaya salad (sooooo spicy hot) and salad greens. Pretty yummy.
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