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Beargrass140 viewsPhoto taken on the trail to Sleeping Woman Peak, formerly known as Squaw Peak, in the Missoula Valley.
beartooth 3.jpg
Beartooth Highway129 viewsLooking back at the highway across the valley.
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Beartooth Highway129 viewsThe famed Beartooth Highway (a.k.a. Cooke City Highway) way up (10,000 feet) in the Beartooth Mountains of south-central Montana, on the way to Cooke City and Yellowstone National Park.
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Beartooth Highway and Wilderness135 viewsThe high plateau of the Beartooths
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Beartooth Mountains137 viewsThe rugged Beartooth Wilderness area, south of Billings, Montana.
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Beartooth Mountains140 viewsmore of the Beartooth Wilderness and the highway.
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Belt Creek151 viewsOne of my favorite streams in Montana, it used to be full of fish and is still full of many fond memories of warm summer days spent wading and fishing with my good friend, Bob Aleksinski, fisherman extraordinaire.
chinese wall.jpg
Bob Marshall130 viewsA portion of the famous Chinese Wall.
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Centennial Trail146 viewsRight on the Montana-Idaho border, in the Bitterroots northwest of Missoula. Sorry, I don't remember the name of the lakes.
hiawatha 2.jpg
Hiawatha Bicycle Trail138 viewsVince and Bryan taking a break
hiawatha 1.jpg
Hiawatha Bicycle Trail136 viewsIn extreme northwestern Montana, on the Idaho border. It's built on an old railroad bed--this is one of the tunnels.
hiawatha 3.jpg
Hiawatha Bicycle Trail126 viewsIf you look closely, you can see the trail winding through the valley below.
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