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Spider1774 viewsAnother of the local 8-legged critters.
Rubber Trees.jpg
Rubber Plantation1773 viewsThe delicious coolness under the rubber trees. Wonderful on a hot day.
Angels352 viewsSome of the bar/restaurant girls at the Genesis, where I ate dinner on Christmas Eve. They were quite friendly, and, I assume, "available."
Death Head Spider.jpg
Spider350 viewsThe "Death Head" spider of Ko Sukorn, vicious looking, but also beautiful.
Bangkok Day.jpg
Bangkok by Day275 viewsJust before sunset, from the 88th floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel.
Wat Saket -- Praying Monks245 viewsA trio of small statues.
Suwon and Friend243 viewsGood friend Suwon and one of her friends, playing a "rock, paper scissors" drinking game. Loser has to (gets to?) take a drink of Beer Lao.
Took243 viewsLittle Took, one of the sweetest kids I've met. This is one of the rare times she's not smiling and giggling. The daughter of Nai's sister, Awm.
Baby241 viewsChild of one of Nai's friends.
Vang Vieng Mountains231 views
Saket Buddha.jpg
Wat Saket Buddha225 viewsA beautiful green (jade?) Buddha at Wat Saket.
Stone Buddha.jpg
Wat Saket -- Stone Buddha221 views
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