Hello from Andong, South Korea. I’ve finally got my blog up and running, not to mention my web site. Hope everyone back home is doing well. I see that much of Montana is shivering in below-zero temperatures, nothing terribly unusual for this time of year. Great Falls is at -11, Glendive -7, and Missoula at 8 above. Here, I am relatively basking in 45 degree temps and sunshine. There is a small, windowed enclosure set off from my main room that houses the washing machine and drying rack. I’ve put one of my nice comfy chairs out there and I sit in the sun in the morning and read. I call the area my solarium. I’m currently reading a series of fantasy books by Terry Goodkind. I have 2 more to read and they are about 800 pages each, so I have enough reading material for now. I’ll have to buy the last two when I journey to Seoul next week.

That’s all for now. I just wanted to test this thing out. The blogging software was written by Greymatter and seems to suit my purpose just fine.