Added more photos to the Gallery, which is now showing that there are 126 photos in 9 albums. Check it out. There are many more to come; I would guess that I have close to 500 photos to look at. Of course, not all of them are worth posting online. But I’ll be busy for a while trying to pick and choose.

What I’m listening to recently. I found and downloaded from Calabash Music [Note: looks like Calabash is out of business] two albums that have my legs moving and feet tapping. One is Ba Cissoko’s debut album, Sabolan. This is a group of young musicians from Guinea, Africa who are based in Marseilles, France. A great premier. [Note: Watch a video clip of a song from one of their recent albums on YouTube] The other album is from the legendary Zimbabwean musician/revolutionary/voice of the people, Thomas Mapfumo. The album is entitled Chimerenga Rebel, and, where the white rulers of the former Rhodesia threw him in prison without trial for his support of their overthrow, this album skewers the man he once thought could lead Zimbabwe to a bright future, the dictator and tyrant Robert Mugabe. One of the sources I read states that Mapfumo lives at least part of the time on the west coast of Oregon–Randy, check that out for me, would you? Both are great albums and I play them often, as I’m sure my nearest apartment neighbors can attest. Also, if you are interested in downloading African music for a cheap price, try Calabash–it seems to be a very righteous source.

I’m also reading V.S. Naipaul’s “The Writer and the World”, a book of essays by the Nobel-winning author. Kind of dry reading, but still interesting to read his take on the world back in the ’60s and ’70s.