Another smoggy, but enjoyable, day in Bangkok unfolds. I didn’t make the river run yesterday, so that is the main item on my agenda today. So far this morning, I’ve been sampling different coffee shops along Sukhimvit Road– McBean’s and Blue Danube. It is fun to sit at a window table overlooking Sukhimvit and watch the people–the young guys setting up their outdoor tables to sell various items, the women selling breakfast (rice, chicken, veggies, fruit, etc.) to passersby, a few businessmen with briefcases heading who knows where (it’s Sunday), and hordes of tourists, seemingly more tourists than Thais. Tourists from all over the world, if the amazing variety of restaurants is any indicator. What do you want to eat today? Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian, Chinese, Indian, Korean, Pakistani, Lebanese, Brazilian, French, German, Dutch, English, etc. It seems that almost every cuisine imaginable can be found in Bangkok. Last night I ate at an outdoor Thai restaurant called Suda. Nothing fancy about it, very popular with tourists and locals alike, very cheap, excellent food. I dined on deep fried fish in a spicy garlic sauce with rice and iced Chinese tea for $2.50. Highly recommended place on Suk 14, if you’re ever in Bangkok.

I’m still waiting to catch an elephant wandering down the street during the day when I have my camera with me. I’ve seen them at night, formidable goliaths emerging from the shadows with their handlers in tow, but I’m hesitant to shoot off the camera flash into their eyes, startling them and, perhaps, enraging them, so that they charge me and squash me like an insignificant bug, going rogue and trampling everything else in their blind rage! I can see the headlines in the Bangkok Post “Naive Tourist Responsible for Downtown Mayhem! Many Injured! Elephant Runs Amok!!”

Tomorrow I fly to Northeast Thailand to Udon Thani, then take a bus the next day to Nong Khai. I don’t know what the Internet facilities will be like, so this may be my last post for awhile. Happy New Year, everyone, if you don’t hear from me before then.