Well, there is really nothing to update. One day flows into the next: we’re already into week 3 of the new semester. The weather is finally beginning to become more springlike, with temperatures climbing into the 50’s and occasional rain wetting the ground. Everything is relative, though. I occasionally talk to my friend Nai in Laos. He sometimes complains that it’s cold; when I check the weather for Vientiane on the Internet, I find that the low temperature is in the mid-60’s or low 70’s. That would be quite balmy here, but I suppose that seems cold to Nai. I have an international calling card that, for about $14 for 180 minutes, is pretty cheap to use, so I call him frequently.

The students in my classes are, for the most part, well-behaved and enjoyable to teach. I’m teaching 7 freshman English classes 3 times each per week, so, for the math-challenged, that’s a total of 21 classes. I also teach evening adult classes 3 nights per week. It’s keeping me busy and, again relatively speaking, out of trouble. I dream of the Tropics. More later.