From time to time, I’ll send on the information I have about any new security problems with windows, viruses, etc., to those of you who read this blog and don’t have access to the information. You SHOULD be aware of these issues without my help, but that is not always possible. At any rate, check here for what it’s worth.

Two new ones today: One is about fake Microsoft Security. Don’t click on any links in email that purport to send you to the MS Update website.

The other is that Microsoft will provide a variety of patches, some of them critical, this coming Tuesday.

Again, in my humble opinion, if you are using the Internet Explorer browser, you might be better served by switching to Mozilla’s Firefox, which you can download here. It’s much safer, for now, than IE and it’s fun to use.

It’s another beautiful spring day in Andong, with temperatures forecast to be in the mid 70s. I want to try to get off a few more job apps, but I also want to take another long bicycle ride–after I watch the Yanks-Orioles game on the computer. More later.