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Thailand–Koh Samui

I’m now on the big island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand off the east coast of the Thai Isthmus of Kra. It’s hot and humid, but excellent weather for laying on the beach or lounging by the swimming pool. Nai, having never seen the ocean before, is enjoying the place, too. He misses Laos but seems to be having a good time. I’m glad he decided to come with me. Among other things, he is fluent in the Thai language, so any communication barriers are settled quickly.

Samui is very built up, having such amenities as Starbucks, Burger King, etc. It’s a very busy, hectic place, but the hotel we’re staying at is off the main road and on the beach, making it almost another world. But, the beach itself is always packed with people. It’s a very beautiful, 10 kilometer stretch of sand, so it’s not surprising that it’s so popular. As usual, I’ll have many photos to post when I return.

We’ll probably spend a few days here, then head over to Phuket or up to Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand before the vacation finishes on July 23. I still haven’t heard a word from any of the university positions in Korea for which I applied. I wrote to the SIT program back in the States and heard back that the U.S. embassy in Indonesia is really dragging their feet on filling the positions there. I did find out, however, that positions in Thailand, Madagascar and Kosovo had reopened, and I asked that I be put on the candidates list for those countries as well. Hopefully, I’ll get something soon. At any rate, I’m going to be really scrambling to get things together when I return to Korea. More later.

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    Hope there’s a book in the making of all your travels and your wonderful perspective on it all ! Rich & Jess’s Julia was born yesterday… our first PSL9 baby !

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