I was on pins and needles all weekend, knowing that I would have to wait until tonight to call the SIT people in Vermont. 3 1/2 more hours of waiting to make that call. I’ve been surfing Morocco information websites all weekend and I’m really stoked about going. I hope everything falls into place.

Decent news, though–my boss called me out of class today and told me that they would love to have me come back to Andong for another year and could I let them know by tomorrow morning my decision about signing a contract. Andong Uni. and Univ. of Mont. have a sister university relationship, and, since I’m the only Montanan here, the Director of the Language Center is very happy to have me return. So, if the timing for Morocco isn’t propitious, I at least will still have a job. There’s nothing wrong with Andong for another year, despite my infrequent grumbling to some of my colleagues. I won’t have to pack things up, I already know the curriculum and the textbook we’ll be using, and, best of all, I won’t have to clean my apartment!!! (Just kidding) More later tonight, probably.