Ok, finally I’ve made the decision to go to Morocco. There has been, for many reasons, a lot of indecision on my part whether or not to take the position, but after several sleepless nights, I’ve decided to go. So, the next few days are going to be extremely hectic, packing, doing paperwork, etc.

Here’s my agenda, more or less. I fly out of Incheon on Tuesday, the 16th of August and get into Seattle at noon, the same day. Then I fly from Seattle to Great Falls, leaving at 8pm, the 16th and arriving in Great Falls at 11:15 pm, Aug. 16th. Then, on the 17th, I have an appointment at the Great Falls Clinic to take my physical. I was very worried about whether or not lab results would be ready in time for my departure to Morocco, but I was told that lab results are usually ready the same day, so no problem there. From Aug. 24 through the 28th I must attend a 5-day briefing/orientation in Washington, D.C. and then it’s back to Great Falls and Missoula until I leave for Morocco, around Sept. 6th. Whew!! I hope I can get everything done that needs to be done between now and the 6th. Things like having my Dell laptop repaired (it hasn’t worked in 1 1/2 years), buying new clothes (especially underwear and socks), going to Missoula to visit and conduct some business, passing the physical (no problem, I hope), and other assorted stuff.

It’s been raining steadily all night long, so it’s cooled off a bit in Andong, though the humidity is still very high. I’m sweating profusely by the time I take the short walk to the bus stop to go to the university. Morocco has a Mediterranean climate, except for the southern area close to the Sahara. I don’t know what that means, but I hope the humidity isn’t 90%-100% like it has been here this summer. It’s been a tough decision on what to take with me, what to pack up in boxes and ship later, what to leave here, and what to throw away. Most of my old clothes are getting tossed and many of my books are being left for others to use. I think one of my colleagues is buying my bicycle, but no one wants the computer. I’ll leave it with another friend and hope that she can sell it to one of the new teachers. If not, no big deal. I’m sure it’ll find a home somewhere.

I’m also putting up photos in the gallery of my trip to Laos and Thailand this summer. Look for the Thailand/Laos 05 gallery. More later.