Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted–seems like ages ago that I left Korea. I must admit that I miss it a lot–the country, the people, and my colleagues at the Language Center in Andong. I’ve been busy in the U.S., having attended the briefing in D.C. last week, recovered from jet lag, stuffed myself on junk food, traveled to Missoula for a few days, etc. So, this coming Tuesday, Sept. 6, I’m off to Morocco via Denver, Cincinnati, and Paris, a very long flight time. I packed up a couple of boxes and shipped them off yesterday. Whereas it cost me about $300 to ship similar-sized boxes from Korea to the U.S., I paid only $120 for the two of them, since they are going to an APO address–the U.S. Embassy in Rabat. Quite a savings! I may not post again until I get settled into Morocco; hopefully, I’ll get my internet access set up in my apartment in Meknes without too much delay. First, though, I’ll have a 3-day briefing by the Embassy people in Rabat before traveling to Meknes. More later.