Didn’t get to see much today, just too tired. However, Hakim Boukert, one of my contacts at the Embassy, took me for a walk in the newer section of Rabat, the “ville nouvelle,” (“medina” is the name of the older section of towns in Morocco) and it was interesting. We stopped at Grill 23, a charming sidewalk cafe canopied by two huge trees on the main drag of Rabat. I had a schawarma (or chwarma), a pita bread type dough stuffed with succulent chicken and red and green peppers and topped with a mildly hot red sauce. About 6:30 or 7, depending on the weather, people from all over the city come out for the evening stroll. This is true of most big cities in Morocco, according to my guide books, so outdoor cafes are great people-watching places. Rabat, the capital of Morocco, and, so, an administrative city, has more people dressed in western style clothing, with a few traditonally-garbed folks out and about. The medina would be the place to go to see “old” Morocco. So, we had a nice dinner and walked back toward the hotel, but we got lost. Taxis are cheap, so we took one to Le Tour Hassan Hotel, where I am staying until Friday, when I go to Meknes.

Now to sleep. More later.