Well, it’s kind of boring, so far, except for spending lots of money buying groceries and odds and ends for the apartment. It’s fun, though, to walk around at night and see all the shops lit up that I don’t notice during the day. I think I’ve found a health club–I hope so, because I haven’t found any areas suitable for jogging, though there are some very nice, broad, tree-lined side avenues just outside the town center. I haven’t seen any bookstores that offer books in English, though I did find an English/French dictionary that I’ll have to buy in order to gear up my rusty, novice-level French skills.

The weather has been nice, not too hot or humid, clear skies and a breeze most of the time. Perfect for sitting in one of the ubiquitous outdoor cafes. These are everywhere and I think there must be enough of them to accommodate the entire male population of Meknes if everyone decided to use them at one time. In them, the male part of the population sit with their friends and chat and ogle passersby while sipping on juice, coffee or mint tea. Women, I’ve read, are the mistresses of the house, in charge of its daily operation, cooking, washing, watching the kids, etc. The men seek “refuge” in the cafes. There are numerous bars, also, though alcohol is technically illegal in Morocco. I guess it’s ok to drink, as long as it’s done in the privacy of the home or behind the shuttered doors of the bars.

Here’s a view of the sitting area of my apartment. The kitchen is behind this view and the two bedrooms are off to the left. Quite nice, actually, if a little large. Heating in the winter (Yes, it gets chilly, I’m told) will be difficult. Notice the TV with the rabbit ears–worthless, as there are no local stations I can pick up. I’m supposed to get a satellite dish, cheap, soon. More later.