I took a walk this evening, looking for a good vantage point to watch sunsets, and I found several great areas near the apartment, but out of the downtown core area. Tonight there was a gorgeous sunset, but, unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me. Hopefully, I’ll soon be posting more great photos of my favorite time of day.

Walking back to the apartment, just after sunset, I heard the call to prayer from a mosque nearby, and then, seconds later, from across the small valley, several mosques in the medinah echoed the call. The sound of the amplified voices blending in their sing-song chant was very exotic and beautiful, coming, as it was, from several directions.

Before coming to the apartment, I decided to stop at the patisserie (bakery) just across the street and pick up a baguette. What I didn’t know was that a couple of chocolate-cream filled donuts with my name on them were waiting to ambush me. Yummmmm!

Another thing I’ve noticed here, a comforting thing for me, is that roughly 25-30 per cent of the men are either bald or have receding hairlines. I’m not out of place in that respect, unlike Korea and southeast Asia, the hair capital of the world, where I and the Buddhist monks were the only ones, it seemed, with balding or completely bald heads. Refreshing, Morocco is. More later.