The final weekend begins, Yanks vs. Red Sox. Exciting stuff! This means some very late nights–I can watch and/or listen to the games, but the night games don’t start until 11 p.m. here. It’ll be worth it, though.

John, my RELO, came up with a fun project for Nabila and me (she is the other English Language Fellow in Morocco–she’s in Tangiers). On Oct. 14th we’ll mosey on down the road into the Middle Atlas mountains to Imouzzer, where 25 new Peace Corps volunteers are training. She and I will give a workshop on the use of English books in the English teaching that they will be doing. The program is called “Books in a Box,” not very original, but there are 37 books included, all of them quite useful. Nabila and I get a box also; we were given a workshop about them in Washington, D.C., during our pre-departure orientation. Should be fun, since I love interacting with PC people, being a former volunteer myself. John offered us the opportunity to stay there over the weekend, but then he remembered it’s during Ramadan, and very few places will be open during the day that might facilitate sightseeing. Thus, we’ll probably head back to our respective towns once we finish the workshop.

This morning, however, I am waging war on a towel! I bought a very nice, I thought at the time, fluffy, blue bath towel when I first got here. The problem is that it sheds like crazy. I washed it the other day and I had a pile of blue lint around the washing machine drain. I figured that took care of the problem. When I toweled off after showering last night, I later noticed that I was covered in blue fur! Geez, so I’m going to wash the darn thing again today. It’s actually a good towel, somehow gone bad.

I’m also fighting with the roaches in my kitchen. I’ve laid out several traps, and sometimes I think I’m getting the upper hand on them, but sometimes they seem to be winning. I think they use the traps for resort areas. More later.