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Rain, Spiderman, and “Secret” Market

It’s another cold, rainy, blustery day in Meknes. I desperately (ok, not that bad) needed some supplies, so I walked to La Bel Vie. You can almost walk all the way there without getting wet because of all the awnings and roof overhangs along the main streets. Almost. It wasn’t raining when I started the kilometer-long walk, but it started coming down pretty hard about half-way there, the wind negating the effects of the shelter as the rain slanted in. It continued after I bought my goodies and I got a little damp . . . uhhhh, soaked . . . ok, drenched, before I got back to the apartment (I didn’t have an umbrella). Still, it was fun to walk in the rain, though I wasn’t doing a Gene Kelly impersonation.

I did see something interesting and pretty cool on the way back, and, again, I didn’t have my camera with me. It was an automobile painted to be a Spidermanmobile, with the red and gray colors and the white webs interlacing throughout the paintwork. And the make of the car? Ok, it’s obvious . . . ready for this . . . wanna take a guess? It was a VW “bug.” Hah! Neat.

My Lonely Planet guide points out that there is “Central Market” not far from the apartment. I’ve been by there before, but it’s always been shut down, so I thought that maybe the information was old and the market was no longer there, simply moved elsewhere or disappeared. But, I walked by last Saturday morning and it was open. It’s an inside market, mostly, with a few open places, 20-30 good-sized vendors, very much a Farmer’s Market style. What a great place! Tons of great veggies, artichokes, zucchini, eggplant, carrots, pototoes, peppers, etc. for ridiculously low prices. Potatoes and carrots for about 15-20 cents a pound and bananas from Ecuador or Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) for 80 cents or so a pound. There is also a fresh fish section, meat, cheese, spices of all kinds, flowers. You name it, you can probably buy it. A wonderful place. I loaded up on white potatoes, baby carrots, onions and bananas this morning. (I still had to go to La Bel Vie for other things, though.)

Looks like the Cairo trip has fallen through, for a variety of reasons. No problem.

Griz 0-7 Cal Poly so far in the first quarter.

Update: Griz 7-7 Cal Poly. More later.

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  1. Rain? Not quite sure what that is, but just know that we received about 12" of snow here in Great Falls, Montana last night. First real snow of the season. So….wanna trade?

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