Not! It’s been a very rainy, very cold day in Meknes. It’s probably the first time I’ve really felt cold. As I posted earlier, I think, my apartment building has no central heating and I don’t have any heaters, thinking I could get by. Luckily, John, the RELO, called me today and asked me to take a drive with him in the mountains south of Meknes on Saturday or Sunday. He wants to see the snow; I guess they don’t get much in Rabat. Ok, great, being a Montana boy, a little snow’s right up my alley; a roadtrip. He’s going to call again on Friday to let me know when he’s coming, so I’m going to ask him to bring along one or two heaters, which he indicated a few weeks ago I could borrow.

One thing that is really nice in my apartment is my big bath tub, in which I love to take piping-hot bubble baths. Great to get the chill off just before going to bed. Once in bed, I’m ok. I have some heavy blankets that seem impervious to the cold. Last night I awoke about 3 a.m., sweating. So, earlier this afternoon I’m running hot water to do the dishes, except the water’s not hot. What the heck! Yeah, my hot water heater quit working. I talked to the building super and he got a fellow up here to work on it. It seems the thermostat went out. He put a new one in and I’ve got my “sauna” back. Whew!

I walked to work in the rain this morning, about a half hour hike, no problem. I could have taken a taxi, but I really do like walking in the rain. Except when I don’t have an umbrella. I managed to find a shop open that early (say, about 9 a.m.–most places open around 10) that had some, so I picked one up. Coming back from the CPR, I walked a little out of my way to Label Vie (jeez, I spend a lot of time and money there) to get some stuff. Remember I posted about “O Come All Ye Faithful?” Well, lo and behold, since Saturday, the last time I was there, they put up Christmas decorations. Commercial ones, mind you, but Christmas decorations nonetheless. There were Santa Clauses, wreaths, Christmas trees, tinsel, etc. No Christmas muzak playing and no overt religious symbolism, but the place was decked out except for the boughs of holly. Interesting, surprising and a little homesick-inducing. I haven’t seen any other evidence of Christmas around town, but, with all the expats living and working here, I’m sure other signs of the holiday will appear. More later.