Here’s one I forgot to post to the photo gallery. I’m particularly proud of it, though I think I got very lucky capturing the exact moment of impact. Master Kim, my former taekwando instructor in Andong, Korea, gave an open house in March of 2005, a few months after my tired, broken old body had given up the discipline of taekwando. However, he invited me to take photos of the event, in which his younger students gave demonstrations to their parents and friends. About half way through the event I told him that things seemed to be going pretty well. He responded that he was nervous. I asked why. He told me that he planned to break 9 marble slabs with his hand at the end of the program, but he had only broken three at a time before! Yikes. But, he did it, as you can see below. He blew this photo up, from the original I took, quite large, and has it hanging on the wall of his office. He tells me the other taekwando masters in Andong are jealous of it.