I took the morning train to Rabat today to try to find an ink cartridge for my printer and to pick up some teaching books that John had for me. It was another beautiful day and a pleasant ride down to Rabat. (Note to self to pose this to my students: Why do I say down to Rabat when Rabat is north of Meknes? Often, we say I’m going down to “somewhere” when it is south of us and up to “somewhere” if it is to the north, as if everything is downhill from the North Pole? Would I say I’m going down to Ifrane, which is south of Meknes but at a higher elevation, or up to Ifrane? How about the Charlie Daniels Band song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia?” From a Christian point of view, the devil wouldn’t go “down” to Georgia (unless, of course, you’re of a certain opinion about Georgia.) A prize to whoever, including non-students, can give the best answers.

Ok, sorry to get off on a tangent there. Anyway, I finally found a cartridge for my printer, something I have been unable to do in Meknes and I got the books. As an added bonus, I was able to eat not only one shwarma, but two. They are described by this website as the “Arabian Taco.” Yes, Adnane, if you read this, I did have another one after you dropped me off at the train station. You see, John, Adnane (who works at the Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the Embassy in the same building as John) and I went for lunch at an international food court in one of the malls near the PAS. Quite a number of vendors are there, including Mexican, Thai, Domino’s Pizza, Southern Fried Chicken and others, as well as a sandwich shop which sells shwarmas. Not a bad variety and I had a good lunch. But then, since Adnane needed a computer part also, he was kind enough to take me on my search for the ink cartridge. We finished that a bit early, about an hour and a half before the train departed for Meknes. He wondered if I had anything special I wanted to do, but I asked him to just let me off near the train station and I would wander around. When I first arrived in Morocco, Hakim, John’s former assistant, had taken me to Grill 23, a small, sidewalk restaurant across from the station, that has great shwarmas. I (sort of) joked about stopping there for another shwarma, even though we’d had lunch only two hours before. Well, Adnane, no joking, I had another shwarma! I can get them here in Meknes, but the shops I’ve seen are waaayyyy out by Marjane. However, Label Vie, my home away from home, has advertised that a Lebanese fast food restaurant will be opening very soon in the mini-mall the grocery store is located in. Shwarma’s close to home???!!!!! Yummmmm. More later. Many more.