In Missoula, at the University of Montana, football is King. However, the Crown Prince, at least for now, is the UM basketball team, participating in the NCAA Tournament. For the first time since 1975 a Montana team won a game in the tourney. The Griz, seeded 12th in their division, upset #5 seed Nevada this past Thursday. I tried to watch the game on CBS Sportsline, which is showing the first 3 rounds (I think) online. When I logged in to watch the game, I was informed that because I lived in the Montana viewing area, I had to watch the game over the local CBS affiliate. Hmmm, I live in Morocco, so that would have been difficult. I settled for watching live updates on the Yahoo Sports site. Today, I went into my profile on Sportsline and changed my address to my Moroccan one. Hopefully, I’ll be able to watch the game later. It’s on at 8:40 p.m. here. Fans can only hope that the Griz put up a fight against their opponent, Boston College, a much higher ranked university. If they should happen to knock off the Eagles, pandemonium will reign in Montana.

Update: I was just looking for the Yahoo site so that I could copy its URL address for the above link. I found out something that I missed on Thursday–I can listen to the game live. So, if I can’t see it, I can at least hear it. Cool.

I did a practice pack for Thailand last night and it looks like I’ll have plenty of room in my luggage. I’m taking my rugged old Columbia 300 double bowling ball bag, given to me years ago by some of my former Glen Bowl Lanes employees. It’s proven to be great for toting around something other than bowling equipment. It’s got my name on it in big white letters, which makes it easy to pick out on the luggage carousels.