No, not me, though I am back safe and sound in Meknes, though desperately missing Southeast Asia. As I pedaled to work yesterday morning, I noticed an unusually large amount of police at most of the intersections. I asked my students what was going on and they told me that an International Agricultural Conference was meeting in Meknes for the next week. The King of Morocco would be in town today to open the proceedings. There are cops everywhere today! And soldiers. So, yes, the King is back in town. He’ll be here until Monday, staying at his palace (he has one in all the major cities), so maybe I’ll stake out a discreet position and try to get a photo.

Speaking of photos, I finally have a little breathing room to start going through my vacation shots. Hopefully, I’ll post them, along with commentary, to the blog and to the photo gallery sometime this weekend. (Or, I’ll watch my downloaded episodes of “Lost” that I missed watching while I was away.)

It’s a beautiful day–almost hot and very clear. I walked back from my university gig, about 40 minutes, and was sweating pretty good by the time I got home. A nice, juicy orange (for which Morocco is justifiably famous) sure hit the spot. Also, you’ve heard me complain of my cold, sunless apartment in winter. But, the flip side of that coin is that it should stay reasonably mild in the summer. More later.