Sunday was a beautiful day for another long walk, and again I headed for the Malecon along the Caribbean. I started out a little bit later in the day so that I might see the area when there were more people enjoying it. The surf was pretty rowdy, crashing into the rocky outcrops and seawalls, sending spray across the walkway. There was enough that I had to clean my glasses periodically and I had to be careful with my camera to ensure that the corrosive salt water didn’t have a chance to accumulate on the lenses or get into the electronics. Anyway, here are the first photos of the DR, taken along the Malecon in Santo Domingo. With winter not too far in the future in Montana, Korea, Boston and elsewhere, you may, of course, salivate over the gorgeous, year-round tropical weather enjoyed here. The big hotel in both pictures is the relatively new (and expensive) Hilton. Notice the calm sea in the first picture, taken the Sunday before, and the rough surf in the second, taken this past Sunday.


There were quite a few people out enjoying the day, some rollerblading, others riding bicycles, some strolling along the shaded sidewalks and others enjoying picnics with family or friends. Obviously, this section is closed to traffic on Sundays.


My walk ended near the old Colonial Zone, but not having my city map with me and not wanting to get too lost, I walked back the way I came. I stopped along the way to enjoy some fresh popcorn and a soda as I sat on one of the numerous benches, shaded by the palm trees and enjoying the breeze coming in off the Caribbean. This is a great place to enjoy a Sunday afternoon. I’m supposed to be moving out to the Yankee camp either near the end of this week or the beginning of the next. Hopefully, I’ll get to spend another weekend in Santo Domingo so that I’ll have some time to visit the Colonial Zone.

Speaking of the Yankees, the playoffs begin today. Yanks vs. Detroit this evening. I have a couple of relatives who are Tiger fans; all I can say is enjoy the Tigers while you can–Yanks in four games. More later.