I think I’ve been recruited to play in a game. We were having lunch just now when one of the coaches asked me if I had ever played baseball. I said yes, when I was in high school. He told me of a game coming up in about a month between the scouts and the coaches, more of a friendly competition than anything else. He asked me what position I played. I said that I had pitched a little. “Are you a fast pitcher or a slow pitcher?” he asked. I laughed and said “I’m a slow pitcher.” He said “We don’t have room for slow pitchers on our team. What other position do you play.” I replied that I could play the outfield. “Good, we have room for more outfielders.” Then he walked away, so I don’t know if I get to play or not. Heck, I’d be satisfied just to sit on the bench.

Breakfast this morning consisted of ham and cheese sandwiches. Interesting choice.

Tonito (Little Tony), one of the trainers, said he was going into Boca Chica either tonight or tomorrow and asked me to join him. Great, I haven’t been into Boca yet, so that should be fun.

First classes yesterday went ok. It was just a review session, but it gave me a lot more information about my students and about how I want/need to conduct classes. More later.