I’m heading into Santo Domingo with some of the players today so that I can learn how to use the bus system, which is much cheaper than the oh-so-expensive taxi rip-off. Most of the players here can be found at Yankee Prospects. Scroll down and look at the Short Season and the Names You May See Later sections–most of the guys listed are at the camp. You can find their photos somewhere on that site. I had the link once, but can’t find it now. That’s your assignment–find their photos.

There is a headed our way. Supposed to get lots of rain tomorrow and Monday. There was a good precursor at 5 a.m. this morning, when I woke up. Lightning lit up the huge thunderheads out over the Caribbean. They were fairly far off, the sound of thunder only reaching us occasionally. What the heck was I doing up at 5 a.m.? Who knows? I went to bed fairly early last night. It’s quite peaceful to sit on the balcony at that time of day, waiting for sunup. More later.