Since it’s dark by the time I finish teaching each evening, I’ve switched my jogging times to early morning, about 6 a.m., before the sun rises and before the players start using the fields. It’s very peaceful to be running as the beautiful dawn begins. I’ve been running 5 times around the warning tracks, which for me is about 30 minutes. I hope to gradually increase that to 6, 7 and 8 times around. Eventually, I want to get back to jogging for 50-60 minutes, something I was able to do in Morocco.

The Yanks lost Friday, 6-5 to the Dodgers. Looks like the pitching faltered a bit, but first baseman Wady (WAH-dee) Ruffino hit a homerun, as did Geraldo Rodriguez, who plays 1B for the Bombers, the day before. Both are pretty big guys, who are only going to get bigger. Today the Yanks play Cleveland here and the Bombers travel to Cincinnati.

It was a quiet weekend, not much going on, so I stayed at the campus. This week one of the top brass is supposed to visit. Mark Newman is the Senior V.P. of Baseball Operations for the Yankees, a position almost on a par with General Manager (Brian Cashman) and probably answerable only to The Boss. Nardi Contreras, Pitching Coordinator for the organization, was here most of last week working with the pitchers. I think the mystery former Yankee is supposed to visit also. I’ll spill the beans and tell you that it’s rumored to be Reggie Jackson. I’ll let you know. More later.