Tuesday, the Yanks beat the Cubs on the road 3-2, but the Bombers fell to the Red Sox here, 6-4. This game was punctuated by a near tragedy to one of the NY players. Jhodiel Santamaria, playing left field, tried to make a spectacular catch of a ball hit to deep left by one of the Red Sox players. It looked like he made the catch, fell to the ground and held up the ball in one hand to indicate he caught it. He didn’t get back up. He lay on the ground for 15 minutes while the trainers tried to ascertain the extent of his injury. Finally, they carried him off in one of the maintenance vehicles on a makeshift stretcher. He was taken to the hospital in Santo Domingo and it was feared that he broke his back. Thankfully, however, it turned out to be a bad bruise and he is back in camp, though he won’t be playing for a while. By the way, the ump ruled that it was no catch and the Red Sox player scampered around the bases for an inside-the-park homerun. The Yanks record is now 3-1 and the Bombers are 2-1.

Both teams were supposed to play on the road today, although I’ve forgotten against which teams. But at breakfast this morning, Dock, a visiting substance abuse counselor from Tampa, told me that the schedule had been changed. One of the teams is playing here, and . . . get ready . . . Mariano (Mo) Rivera is supposed to be here to throw out the first pitch! I was going to work on my lessons, but not now; gotta get the camera ready!

But, back to Dock. He’s about my age and from the Bronx. It shows that the Yankees care about these young players. (I’m sure the other teams have a similar program in place.) He talks about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, AIDS and other STDs, and similar subjects to the players, many of whom have never been out of their rural settings before. So, it’s easy for them to become fascinated by the big city and its temptations.

Anyway, I hope to get some photos of Rivera and post them here. I hope he shows. Mo later.