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More Visa stuff, Melky Cabrera

I made another run into Santo Domingo yesterday to see about getting my work visa, and it looks like everything is finally in place to do that. I handed in all the appropriate paperwork (and there is a lot of it) and was told to call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 10 days to see if it’s ready to pick up. I found out, though, that overstaying your initial 15- or 30-day visa period does not result in much of a punishment. If I had done nothing about getting a work visa, I would have had to pay about $60 when I leave the country next July. Not nearly as punitive as Thailand’s $20 per day overstay fee.

I did have to do a bit of running around, however. My contact in SD, who was going to take me to a government department that would expedite the visa process, was sick in bed when I called her and then she sent me to the wrong ministry, directing me to Immigration rather than Foreign Affairs. Luckily, I was able to speak with a Dominican lady working at Immigration who spoke very good English. She gave me the information that I should go to Foreign Affairs and she also told me about the “fine” for overstaying. Also lucky was the fact that I had been to both Immig. and F.A. before; otherwise, I would have spent quite a long time looking for either place.

The Yankee campus is quite busy. Mark Newman is here, but I haven’t met him yet, and most, if not all, of the Yankee Dominican scouts have arrived for a meeting this week. Abel told me that the oft-rumored visit of RJ will probably occur after Thanksgiving. In the meantime, I got to meet Melky Cabrera, one of last season’s “Baby Bombers.” He lives in the DR, in Bani, I believe.

A few more visitors are coming on Thursday, this time from the State Department. One is from the Embassy in SD, the Public Affairs Officer, I think, and the other is the lady who heads the DR country desk in Washington, D.C. I’m going to give them a short tour of the facilities, and they are going to observe a few minutes of one of my classes. Certainly not a long visit.

I haven’t been keeping up on game results, so I can’t give you any recent scores. More later.

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  1. Hey. Great blog. Sounds like you had an amazing trip in the DR. Thanks for the blurb on Juan Miguel Miranda. Now that he’s officially ours, we can start to dream.

    Thanks again.

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