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I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving, those of you who celebrate it. Now, go out and spend all your money shopping! Well, we didn’t have turkey yesterday; we had the usual beans and rice with pork chops for lunch, a twice weekly (at least) fare. In fact, we had rice and leftover meat from the pork chops for dinner last night, too. I must confess that I don’t miss a whole lot about living in the U.S., but I do miss turkey dinner on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Next week the complex closes and I move back into Santo Domingo Dec. 1st or 2nd for about 6 weeks. I’ll be working with UASD there, as I’ve posted before. It’ll be fun to be back in SD, but after a few weeks I’m sure I’ll miss the tranquility of the Yankee campus. I have a ton of ideas for teaching English to the players when I return from Feb. to July, so I’ll be working on those while I’m in the big city. I’ll have plenty to do to keep me busy.

I see that Montana is bracing for a very cold Arctic front moving in next week, when temperatures will get below zero. You know, I was really feeling the cold here the other night and even had to wear long pants the following morning. I swear it must have got down into the high 60s. 😛

I revamped the Photo Gallery a bit, rearranging the order of the categories to make recent photos easier to find, I hope. Give it a look-see. More later.

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  1. Yes, it’s cold in Montana. I’m posting this on 11/27 (hey, the very day before Ron’s birthday! Go Figure!) Anyway, it’s -6 right now, but with the wind chill, it’s probably closer to -15. Time to get out the discs and go play a little disc golf at the park! We got about 8" of snow a few days ago, so it’s truly winter here. Gotta love it!

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