Yup, today finds another number added to my “official” age, but it’s only a number (what number?–nunayer business). I’m not doing any celebrating; I haven’t partied it up for my birthday in many years. I did receive birthday greetings from Nai in Laos as he was sipping on a cold Beer Lao in my honor. I also heard from my brother and others. Thanks to all who remembered.

Well, the campus is starting to clear out. There is only one team now, instead of two. 12-15 very excited Venezuelans and the two Mexicans left for their homes this past Saturday, along with the one Cuban fellow, who went to Florida. This Friday everyone will leave. There are a few Panamanians who will be flying back to Central America and the rest are Dominicans from around the country. I’ll be moving back to Santo Domingo, working there with UASD until Feb. 1, when the campus reopens and the players, some old, some new, return.

Well, for the next couple of months, then, I probably won’t have any more new sunrise/sunset pics, so I’ll leave you with this impressionistic view of a recent sunrise. More later.