I received a phone call from Ani at the Yankee campus on Monday, and she told me that the campus was opening that day. Unfortunately, I had to conduct a workshop at UNIBE last night, so I couldn’t make the move until today. But, I’m nearly packed and ready to go; Demetrios, the Yankee driver, is coming by around 11 this morning to pick me up. Yeah, I’m excited! I have a lot of new ideas for teaching the players over the upcoming, long 5 1/2 month period, including incorporating multimedia instruction. It should be challenging, but fun.

February marks the month of carnival in the Dominican Republic. Many towns have carnival every Sunday during the month, featuring colorful masks, dancing and other activities. The masks remind me of the Andong Mask Dance festival in South Korea, so I hope I can get away to one of the nearby towns and take in the sights of this celebration. More later.