Yes, I’m happily back at the Yankee campus near Boca Chica. Classes start Monday, though the players have been working out all week. I emailed Abel, who’s in the States right now, about getting a projector to use for Powerpoint presentations and other applications to integrate multimedia activities into the classes, and he wrote back that he found a very good deal on an entry-level Epson S4 projector, so that’s great news.

There are 46 players here now, and 33 of them will report to spring training in Tampa Bay on March 1st. The other 13 go there near the first of April. Meanwhile, new players will be coming in on those dates, including some of the 20 or so who are here now trying out for a contract. So, it’s going to be a challenging couple of months, in so far as designing the classes to accommodate for all the comings and goings and the different language levels. After April 1st, though, things should settle down.

The intense Dominican Summer League (DSL) begins in June, though there will be training games against the other teams before then. The DSL finishes near the end of August, something that I’ll miss, since my contract is up on July 15th. In communicating with Eran, my supervisor in D.C., it appears that next summer, if the project is renewed (as it appears likely to be), I may be able to stay on into August. Excellent!

If the current weather pattern holds, I’ll not be taking any sunset/sunrise photos. We’ve had clear skies at those times, nothing to give texture to the events. The sun just plops down in the evening, very quickly; the colors are rather bland. The same can be said about sunrise. More later.