Robbie Cano showed up at the camp yesterday to work out the kinks. He took about 30 minutes of batting practice and a little bit of infield work. He blasted at least a dozen balls over the outfield fences. I don’t mean to jinx him, but this guy is going to be one of the All-Time Yankee and baseball greats. His work ethic is fantastic. He played in the Dominican Winter League and now he’s getting in shape before the opening of spring training the first of March. His record with the Yanks so far speaks for itself. He’s got such a sweeeeeet swing. The great players make it all look so very easy; watching the younger guys, you can see how much they struggle to put it all together. Here’s a shot of Cano taking batting practice.


Abel Guerra asked me to take some photos around the campus for possible inclusion into the upcoming Yankee Yearbook. I took a bunch yesterday, but I’m getting ready to head out onto the fields to try to get some action shots of the players. More later.