I had to go into the capital Monday for a dentist’s appointment to check on a filling. I was a bit nervous about the professional quality, but Rex Moser (the Cultural Affairs officer and my supervisor) told me that he had seen a guy who spoke very good English and seemed like a very good doctor; he was. He works in a very modern office, with all the equipment, aides, etc. He did a couple of fillings and found a cavity, which I have to go back in for this coming Tuesday. The price is right–less than $100 for the two fillings and about the same price for Tuesday’s appointment.

Getting to his office was a nightmare. The appointment was for 10 a.m., but I didn’t arrive until 10:30 due to the unbelievable amount of traffic pouring into the city at that time of day. It took about an hour and fifteen minutes to travel a distance that normally takes 20 minutes. The taxi driver decided to get off the main road and went to Washington Ave. (the Malecon), because normally the traffic is lighter there. Unfortunately, it was just as clogged. I would have expected traffic jams earlier in the day, with people trying to get to work, but what’s up with the snarl at 9:45 or 10 in the morning? Really incredible.

The doc told me that the next appointment date is considered an “unlucky” day in the DR, where Tuesday the 13th corresponds to Friday the 13th in the States. Interesting. I jokingly told him that I might change the day, but he laughed and said don’t worry, it wouldn’t affect his expertise. Check out this site for many more DR superstitions and beliefs.

I spent a pleasant afternoon at the beach in Boca Chica this past Saturday. My first impression of the place, back in October, was that it wasn’t the nicest of areas, but I’ve changed my mind. It’s ok, though compared to the world-class beaches on the east coast, the Boca beach leaves a lot to be desired, I’m sure. Still, it’s a nice enough place to while away the time, though it’s very crowded on the weekends.

We had a driving downpour last night, the first rain to speak of since I posted about the frequent afternoon showers in Santo Domingo several weeks ago. The centerfield areas of the fields have a lot of standing water this morning, so that gives me a reason not to go jogging today. 🙂
More later.