Robbie Cano continues to take batting practice most days, and an interesting situation arose on Wednesday. He switched fields from the northwest to the northeast field. His power is to right field, and the outside perimeter fence of the campus is only about 6 or 7 feet beyond the right field fence. Outside this part of the perimeter is a cow track, where cattle wend their way to and from their pastures. It just so happens that a rather sizable herd happened to be wandering along the fence that day, and many of Cano’s line drive homers were clearing the perimeter fence. I kept watching and waiting for one of the cows to get smacked–fresh meat for dinner!–but it never happened. Still, it was fun watching some of the coaches making their way through the cows, gathering up the baseballs.

Yes, we have quite a pastoral setting here. In addition to the cows, there is a rather nice horse ranch adjoining us on the north side. A few of the horses wander over at times, peering through the fence at the odd doings of the players. They seem interested at times, aloof at others. Occasionally, a caballero from the ranch comes along to round some of them up, but I’ve no idea where they go or why. The horses seem to love trying to evade the horsemen, preferring, instead, the enjoyment of watching their favorite team. More later.