Not much going on here recently. I found out that we have about a week off beginning Feb. 24th and running through March 4th. The Dominican players will go back to their homes here and the foreign players are flying back to theirs. On Mar. 3 they report to the spring training camp in Tampa Bay. Then, new players will be reporting here on March 4th. They’ll stay until the end of March, when we’ll get another week off. Then, the regular Dominican Summer League begins, running through the end of August. Whew. Confusing? A bit.

Rex at the embassy wants me to go with him to Samana, in the northern peninsula of the country, to talk with the mayor’s office there about setting up an English program to help with tourism. Samana is famous for the humpback whales that congregate there at this time of year, so we’ll take in some whale-watching while we’re there on Mar. 1st and 2nd. In the meantime, during that week, the Yanks are putting up a few of us who are staying at one of the resort hotels just down the road from the campus. I have the option of staying here for the week, but there wouldn’t be anyone else around and I’d have to go into Boca Chica each day to get something to eat. Heck, who wouldn’t jump at the option to stay at a resort? Quality beach time, coming up.

There’s some pretty dense fog here today, making fly balls hit to the outfield very difficult, if not impossible, to see. The sun is trying to burn the stuff off, but now, at 8:30 a.m., it’s still very thick. The players haven’t gone onto the fields for practice, yet, so it seems that they’ll be getting a late start today. Later, I’m going into Santo Domingo to pick up some supplies for the classes. Some of the Venezuelan players are going also, so I may share a taxi with them. More later.