I was in Santo Domingo this past Saturday, buying some supplies for my classes. I went with one of the coaches (Raoul, from Panama), one of the trainers (JJ, from Venezuela) and one of the players (Ronny, also from Venezuela). All three speak fairly decent English, and Ronny is engaged to a German gal from Berlin. He was also in the market for a new computer, so I took them to a couple of shops that I know of near where I live when the Yankee campus is shut down. JJ took a wrong turn after we left the last shop, so we ended up on some side roads that were unfamiliar to me. Along one of these roads is a steak house with the unlikely name of “The Andrew Jackson Steakhouse” with a portrait of the president on its wooden facade. I’ve never seen anything of the sort named after Jackson; I suppose the steaks are aged and cooked over a wood fire, so you could say they are “Old Hickory” steaks. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me, but if my contract is renewed for next year, I’ll be sure to find the place and take a photo. More later.