We’re almost at the end of the current session–practice wraps up on Tuesday, with the players leaving in the afternoon. As I mentioned, the Yanks are putting a few of us up at a hotel for several days. It’s just down the road in Juan Dolio at the Barcelo Talanquera Hotel, right on the beach. Should be fun. We’ll be going there on the 27th and returning to the campus on March 4th.

I was talking to Rex about the supposed trip to Samana on the 1st and 2nd, but his office has had no reply from the Samana mayor’s office. So, I don’t know if we’ll be going there at this time or not. The next time that I’ll be available, as far as I know, will be when I return to the DR next fall (assuming that the contract is renewed).

I was browsing around on the Internet early this morning, surfing through some websites based in my old hometown of Great Falls. I was looking at some of the local bowling websites, looking for familiar names, pictures and whatnot. Then I stepped onto the balcony outside my room to watch another tropical sunrise, and I was struck at how far-removed I am from my former life in Montana. I wouldn’t trade what I’m doing now and have been doing the past few years for anything, dream-like as it seems at times.

Speaking of Great Falls, someone there recently deposited some money into my checking account. I suspect it was either my mother or my brother or an anonymous benefactor. Whoever it was, thanks! and keep it up!

Well, it’s almost time to go over to the exercise room and work out on the weight machines, ride the stationary bike and do a little jogging, a routine that I’ve been regularly adhering to lately. As high class an organization that the Yankees are, I would think they could afford to buy some scales that actually work. It’s amazing that both the scales in the workout area show me as being 10-15 pounds heavier than I actually am. 😉 (What was that about a “dream-like” existence?) More later.