There’ve been quite a few of the top guns in the Yankee organization and Major League Baseball visiting the last few days. One story I read on Yahoo Sports mentioned that Bryan Cashman, the Yanks General Manager, was supposed to make a scouting trip to the Dominican Republic, but he decided to accompany the team to Texas instead. But, Mark Newman, Senior Vice-President of Baseball Operations was here, as was Felix Lopez, another Senior V.P. (See Yank front office personnel here.) Lopez is being touted as one of the people in line to succeed George Steinbrenner as head of the Yankees when The Boss finally calls it quits due to failing health. I had a short talk with Mr. Lopez about the English program here at the campus, and I also spoke to some of the visitors from Major League Baseball, who also expressed an interest in the program. Jonathan Mariner, Chief Financial Officer, is the highest MLB official to ever to visit the Dominican Republic. He was here inspecting the academies, but was especially interested in the Yankee campus, it seems. Lou Melendez, V. P. for International Baseball Operations and Administration was also here. He’s mentioned in this article about MLB’s push to get into the Cuban market. I also talked to Jon Saibol (spelling?), who is a regional consultant to MLB. Jon was a Peace Corps volunteer in the D.R. back in the early 70s, and he liked the country so much that he married a Dominican lady and has been here ever since.

Abel Guerra was here also, and he told me that he would try to get a copy of the Yankee yearbook for me, since one of my photos made it into the annual. Wow, I don’t know which one it was, but I sure want to see it. More later.