Yesterday wasn’t all that gloomy, as the previous post probably sounded. I had a nice lesson plan prepared for the classes that afternoon. I usually try to do something fun on Fridays, something out of the ordinary. Yesterday, I did a lesson on making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Ostensibly, it was a lesson showing how to use the imperative form of verbs to give commands and instructions. I went to one of the markets in Boca Chica and bought a couple loaves of bread, a jar of jelly and a jar of peanut butter, and some plastic knives and napkins. We didn’t make TOO much of a mess, so there wasn’t much cleaning up to do. The students loved it and wolfed down all the sandwiches we made. I hope they learned some English in the process. One of the highlights was an introductory video I used. If you can watch and listen to this 9 times in three hours without going nuts, maybe you, too, can be an English teacher.

I called Nai a few minutes ago, but he was off riding his motorbike to the market and he asked me to call him back a little later. He didn’t sound bad, so I think he’s feeling better.

I’m off to the Cave of Wonders in a few hours. Although they don’t allow photography in the cave, perhaps I can get a few good photos of the area to post. More later.