A few things of interest lately . . .

This past Monday I got to meet the CEO, Kevin McClatchy, and the General Manager, Dave Littlefield, of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are looking at building their own camp and were touring the campus to see what the Yankees had done here. The CEO could be equated as the George Steinbrenner of the Pirates, more or less.

Lots of new palm trees are being planted around the fields, along with many new flower beds. When all this new landscaping is completed, I’ll get some photos posted.

The two teams, Bombers and Yankees, started playing some exhibition games yesterday, against the Dodgers and the Devil Rays. Today, both teams go on the road to take on the Devil Rays again and the Diamondbacks. The Dominican Summer League begins on June 2nd, I hear.

The big league club isn’t performing very well right now. Hopefully, they’ll get their woes out of the way soon and pick up the pace.

I bought my ticket for Thailand online the other day. I’ll be leaving Missoula on the 23rd of July and returning on the 24th of September. I’m leaving from Missoula, rather than Great Falls, because I want to retrieve some items from storage there that I want to take to Thailand; then, I’ll drop them off in Missoula when I come back. No sense renting a car and driving back and forth between the two cities. Seven weeks and counting until I return to the States. More later.