I forgot to mention in the previous post that a few Sundays ago I woke up at 8 a.m., checked my email, called Nai and then looked out my bathroom window about 9 o’clock to see if the taxi was there. Felix is the unofficial Yankee taxi driver and I wanted to go into Boca Chica for a hearty western style breakfast, something I usually do on Sundays. He wasn’t there, but three vehicles pulled into camp, waved through by the security guards. Unusual, I thought, because Sunday mornings are very quiet here. I wonder what’s going on. So, for the first time that day, I poked my head out the front door and was fairly stunned to see 30 or 40 people congregating near one of the far fields, unprecedented activity for a Sunday morning.

I wandered down to the field and talked to some of the Yankee coaches who were there. It seems that a very hot prospect from Panama, flown in from that country just for this occasion, I presume, was showing his skills to the many scouts from the various major league clubs in attendance. The kid must have something to attract this many scouts, I thought. Indeed, he did. He was a lanky 16-year-old pitcher with a natural, fluid motion and a 92 mph fast ball, pretty impressive speed for his age. I watched him throw for a while, then grabbed a taxi for Boca Chica. From what I saw, he is, indeed, a hot prospect.

Don’t turn that dial. If you have the Direct TV satellite system, you might be able to view yours truly in about a month on channel 366, the Current Network. Their reporter and a cameraman were here recently filming a report on baseball in the Dominican Republic. I was interviewed about the English program and they filmed a large portion of one of my classes that afternoon. I’ll post more about this as soon as I hear (or see) when it’s going to be aired.

Finally, Canada. One of the nicest, most polite countries in the world. Can we talk about a country being polite, nice and agreeable. I think so. It’s Canada, The Great White North. Well, their national junior team (18 and under) is touring the D.R. and one of the Yankee squads played them last week. I talked a bit with their coach as they were arriving at the camp. A nice guy, but all the time I was thinking about how humiliated they were going to be after the upcoming slaughter. There was a slaughter all right, but they weren’t on the receiving end. They mopped the floor with the Yankee team, beating us 10-3 or some such nonsense (EDIT: looking at their website above, it was actually 11-4.) At the same time, the Arizona Diamondbacks team played the other Yankee squad on one of the other fields. We lost that one, too, 6-0 or so. Not a memorable doubleheader. O’, Baseball. More later.

A view of the Canadian Junior National Team before the game.


Canadian players gathered around the cage during batting practice


A confident Yankee squad . . . before the game