Today marks the opening of the Dominican Summer League. One of the Yankee squads is playing here against the Cubs and the other goes on the road to tangle with the Giants. It’s quite a big event. The grounds crew have been grooming the main field for about 3 weeks, with no games having been played on it in that time. The grass is lush and was trimmed recently around the edges where it meets the infield and warning track dirt. Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t cooperated–it rained cats and dogs the night before last and left the warning track in centerfield a virtual lake. The water was drained off, but it still looks very muddy this morning. Still, I’ve been told that the game will be played.

A large tent/awning has been erected in the area between the four fields and dozens of plastic chairs are ready to be set up. Abel Guerra told me that last year’s opening ceremony attracted close to a thousand people! That was when the camp was brand new, but he still expects 400-500 this year. Dignitaries will be on hand, Dominican, American and Yankee flags will be flown, and the players that are here from last year’s winning Yankee team will receive championship rings in a ceremony before the game begins, at approximately 10 a.m. All in all, a momentous day at the camp looms ahead. Naturally, I’ll get some photos that I’ll post here. More later.