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Opening Day, Idiotic Emails

Opening day last Saturday, June 2, was exciting. The crowds of people I was expecting to show up didn’t materialize, only about 150 or so. However, there were still quite a few dignitaries and fans on hand, as well as a navy band to play the Dominican Republic national anthem and the “Star Spangled Banner.”

Here’s a shot of the team paying their respect to the Dominican National Anthem.


A few of the VIPs made speeches and the Championship Trophy for the 2006 Dominican Summer League was presented to the management and players from that season. Miss Dominican Republic was also in attendance, and the players enjoyed getting their photos taken with her. It turns out, unbelievably, that she is the sister of one of the players here!

Roy Gomez poses with Miss Dominican Republic.


The Yanks accept the Championship Cup.


To top it off, the Yanks squad downed the visiting Cubs 7-3. They are now standing at 5-2 (or 4-2–eesh, can’t remember) and are in first place in the 2007 DSL. Unfortunately, so far, the Bombers team is at 2-4. On Monday, the players from last year’s winning team received their championship rings. Had a nice, big cake, too. Yummmmmm.

The Big Team is starting to show their stuff, going 9-2 in their last eleven games. They still have a ways to go to make a race of it for the pennant with the resurgent (from last year) Red Sox, but hope springs eternal . . .

[EDITED on 6/12–Skip this part unless you’ve already read it. I’m not really happy about what I did, and it was written in the heat of the moment, too.] I went on an email rant last night about forwarded messages sent to me by various relatives and friends, mindlessly sent, I might add, the rather condescending thinking being that I REALLY REALLY need to read this. You know the kind–pass this important patriotic message along to everyone you know if you want to save America–if you don’t, you’re an unpatriotic scum bag, or the heart-tugging story of the poor little boy whose father lost his life defending American freedom in Iraq, fighting to keep the “American way of life” alive, but who still courageously flies the American flag outside his home everyday to remind Americans of the sacrifice of ………., etc., blah, blah, blah, ad infinitum. These and more, all unverified and unsourced because all of them are untrue, with no actual basis in reality, clogging up the broadband with their breathless missives, started by some lonely person in some forgotten hamlet at some ungodly hour of a desperate night. I finally had enough of these robotic mass emails and posted my diatribe to all of the recipients of this persons mailing list. Turnabout is fair play. (But it was the wrong thing to do.) It was fun to let off steam about this, especially being the normally humble milquetoast that I am. 🙄 So far, I’ve received some supportive emails and some decidedly, well, thoughtless scathing ones. Just what I expected from the ones who are less than thoughtful about the subject, to put it politely. (Actually, I should have expected scathing replies from these people because they were coming to the defense of their relative.)

I threatened to block anyone’s email who continued to send me this unsolicited junk, but I’ll probably, instead, refute their idiocy them (they’re not really idiots–perhaps a bit lazy for forwarding this stuff rather than expressing their own thoughts) by asking for sources or pointing out urban (internet) myths and falsehoods. That should be fun, too, since most of this stuff is right-wing, pseudo-patriotic, false-Christian misinformation and propaganda that is easily put down. We’re poles apart.

Four weeks and counting until I return to Montana for a short visit and then it’s off to Thailand, Laos and Singapore for two months. (Good golly, Ron, you might be thinking. Laos is a Red Commie country, and you’d rather be THERE than in the Good Ole US of A? Yup. And you really haven’t a clue if that’s what you’re thinking and what you believe about the gentle country and people of Laos, though I am immensely distraught about the Lao government’s treatment of its Hmong people.) Can I wait? Hardly. More later.

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  1. Well, dearest, while we are probably half a spectrum apart politically, I do understand your e-mail forwards position (especially remembering that in most parts of the world, folks have to PAY for internet use by the minute). I promise that if we ever discuss world politics (which I make it a point never to do with anyone anymore), it will not be in a cyberforum.

    We really DON’T know what goes on in Laos – never really have – unless you have visited there as more than a tourist …. so, hearts and prayers are with Nai and his countrymen and women. Glad his health is better and wish only the best for him. Care to post a site where we can better understand the history of Laos and what’s up currently ?

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