My dear friend (despite the fact that she’s a somewhat delusional Red Sox fan) and ex-Peace Corps compadre, Karen, asked that I put up some links about Laos. No sooner said than done, sweetie.

a current events site

This is a “ “short article that I posted a link to a month or so ago. It pretty much exactly expresses my sentiments about the “Land of a Million Elephants” [EDIT Jan. 16, 2010–Link down]

Then, there’s always the CIA World Factbook containing, well, ummmmm, facts, I guess, about Laos. Click here for that site

Well, the volume of hate mail I’ve received from my email rant has died down a bit today. I sent along a website link that proves that the story this person emailed to me was totally false. I hope he has the decency to apologize to everyone on the email list for sending along false information, but I doubt that will happen. [Edited] Of course, that is not necessary and not expected.

I’ll try to get some more links up later. Right now, though, I have to catch a taxi to the capital. I was in the big city on Saturday, sending out a fax because all the internet connections were down in our area after a big storm the previous night. Idiot me left my small notebook at the Internet cafe, a notebook that contains a LOT of important information. I need it back! If it’s gone, it’s not a life and death thing, but it would be rather calamitous. 😳 Hopefully, it’s still behind the counter where the fax machine is located.