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Day: June 13, 2007

Wet Fields

Here are a few shots of the fields this morning. In the first one, if you look at the left background, you can see the players working out (stretching) under the batting shed. In the second, you see that it’s still raining by the sprinkling in the water.


Another Washout, English Classes

Another downpour this morning, lasting only about 15 minutes, has left the fields in unplayable shape, so I’m sure that, for the fourth straight game, play won’t take place here today. Don’t know about the other teams’ fields, so the game could be moved to the visiting team’s home field. It looks like I actually see a bit of blue sky behind this current line of showers, so maybe we’ll get some sun later.

I don’t mention too much about my classes. Teaching English is, of course, the main bulk of my job, but I’m also supposed to be incorporating cultural aspects of the U.S. into that teaching so that the students learn something about life in America. That pretty much leaves the field wide open as to what I might include. The textbooks I’m using have quite a bit of cultural material, but it’s interesting and fun to come up with my own stuff, like the peanut butter and jelly lesson. Lately, in my more advanced level classes, we’ve been looking at some of the history and culture of minorities, with the focus right now on the Civil Rights Movement of the ’50s and ’60s, especially the life of Martin Luther King, and on the folklore/tales of Native Americans. Youtube is a great place to look for video clips. I found a very cute Native American tale there and I hope it’s in the public domain, but it probably isn’t. It’s one of the episodes of the Raven Tales series on Canadian Television. Another fun clip we watched was an old (1945) recording of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First.” Not everyone got the humor, but those who did were almost in tears. Who said learning English can’t be fun (and informative)? More later.

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